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“Edu” is to Educate or Learn and “Quis” is to Seek

Our Story began in 2018 at Bandel (Near to Kolkata) West Bengal. Back then, we were providing work shops, seminars, hands on sessions. Cornerstone of our startup was to foster Robotics and Automation education.

The company provides a tangible experience to various fields of robotics such as Internet of Things, Sixth sense Robotics, Virtual  Reality etc. Eduquis technology provides custom designed kits along side customized online learning material. Also, it provides the learners with vast opportunities to various competitions where one present their innovative developments.

The backbone of our company is the number of highly dedicated team conducting the workshops. They come from robotics communities who have won numerous competitions from various colleges and have a cut-through experience of robotics. We here aim not only teach but to mould the young minds in the right direction so that they can be architect of a better and sustainable future.

About Us

Where Education (Edu) meets Curiosity (Quis) for Technological Advancement! Eduquis Technology is a leading Ed tech company dedicated to empowering learners in the dynamic world of technology. Our hands-on approach emphasizes practical learning, with comprehensive learning kits accompanying each course. Led by expert faculty, our flexible and self-paced learning environment ensures students can adapt their learning to their schedules.


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