Robocon 2022 – Robotics Workshop


Key Benefits of the Workshop:

  1. Hands-on experience in the field of Robotics.
  2. Kits will be delivered at your door steps.
  3. Certificates on the completion of the workshop.
  4. 7 different projects to be done starting from the basics to advanced.
  5. 5 days of interactive learning by experts and 15 hours of learning.

Course Outline:

  1. C basics applied AVR microcontrollers
  2. Decimal, binary and HEX numbers in C language
  3. The statement if-else
  4. The statement switch-case
  5. Loops – while() and for()
  6. C program structure, #define, #include, main(), C preprocessor.

First project:
button, LED. Simplest program.
Buttons and microcontroller – various use cases. The program samples electronic parts used in projects.

  1. Resistors, capacitors, LED, transistors.
  2. Microcontrollers AVR: I/O pins, PWM, ADC, EEPROM, timers, etc.
  3. DC motor control. Part 1. Torque measuring.
  4. DC motor control. Part 2. Circuit diagram.
  5. DC motor control. Part 3. The program.
  6. Digital Outputs
  7. The structure of AVR C Code Hardware Registers

Second Project: AVR Music Box


  1. Displaying information on various displays using Introduction.
  2. Connection of LEDs with Microcontrollers
  3. Connectionone-digitLED
  4. Connecting 2-digital 7-segment LED display to microcontroller AVR ATMEL
  5. Connecting 4-digital 7-segment

Project: Simplest clock


  1. USART (UART) interface in AVR microcontroller.
  2. Connection microcontroller and PC
  3. What is UART interface, function diagram, input – output pins, circuit diagram
  4. The program – UART registers, initialization, sending symbols.
  5. Introduction to Timer/Counter Hardware Overview of Counters and Timers
  6. CPU Speed

Project: 8 bit organ

  1. Summary Motors and Peripherals
  2. Reverse H Bridge
  3. PWM and H-Bridge Acceleration Control
  4. Dual H-Bridge

Project: Simple RC Car

  1. 3D designing a robot chassis
  2. Understanding the software and how to use
  3. Fundamentals of 3d Designing
  4. Various views
    Project: Designing a simple 2dof Claw
  5. Schematics and Circuit Design Overview
  6. Understanding the Datasheet of various components
  7. Designing a small circuit
  8. Introduction to Swarm Algorithms
  9. ABC and BCO Algorithms
  10. Fuzzy and Brute Force methods

Project: Designing a swarm algorithm based Robot with PID Learning


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