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Chronicles of Eduquis Technology

“Edu” is to Educate or Learn and “Quis” is to Seek

Embarking on our adventure in 2018 in the vibrant town of Kolkata, Eduquis Technology has been on a thrilling mission to redefine education and technology. Our story is a captivating blend of inspiration, innovation, and a zest for knowledge.

Picture this: dynamic workshops, engaging seminars, and hands-on sessions – that’s how we roll! At the heart of our startup is a passion for Robotics and Automation education that ignites the spark of curiosity in every learner.

Now, here’s where the excitement kicks in! Eduquis Technology doesn’t just teach; we immerse our students in a world of technological wonders. From Internet of Things to Sixth Sense Robotics, Virtual Reality, and beyond, we offer a hands-on experience like no other. Imagine getting your hands on custom-designed kits paired with specially crafted online learning materials – it’s an educational adventure tailored just for you!

But that’s not all. We’re not just educators; we’re cultivators of innovation. Our workshops don’t just equip you with technical skills; they unleash your creative genius. Our stellar team, comprised of competition-winning robotics enthusiasts, fuels this spirit of innovation, making every workshop an unforgettable journey.

Now, for the grand reveal! Eduquis Technology is taking flight into the world of agricultural drones! Yes, you heard it right – we’re not just shaping minds; we’re soaring into the future. With an eye on sustainability and progress, we’re pioneering developments in agricultural technology.

Join us on this exhilarating ride where education meets innovation. Be a part of Eduquis Technology, where we’re not just teaching; we’re sculpting a future filled with excitement, possibilities, and groundbreaking advancements. Ready to soar with us? Let’s create the future together!

Our Mission

At Eduquis Technology, our mission is to ignite a passion for innovation and knowledge by providing immersive Robotics and Automation education. We strive to empower learners with dynamic workshops, cutting-edge technology experiences, and customized learning materials. Our goal is not just to teach but to inspire creativity, shaping young minds for a sustainable and technologically advanced future. In pioneering agricultural drone development, we aim to extend our impact, pushing the boundaries of innovation in education and technology. Join us as we embark on a transformative journey, where each lesson is an adventure and every mind is a catalyst for progress.

About Us

Where Education (Edu) meets Curiosity (Quis) for Technological Advancement! Eduquis Technology is a leading Ed tech company dedicated to empowering learners in the dynamic world of technology. Our hands-on approach emphasizes practical learning, with comprehensive learning kits accompanying each course. Led by expert faculty, our flexible and self-paced learning environment ensures students can adapt their learning to their schedules.


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